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Dog Cremation Services


Dog Cremation Services

At Pets @ Rest we are on hand to help when that sad time comes and you have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Whether you need us to visit your home or to collect your dog from the veterinary practice, we aim to be with you promptly. We are based in Cwmbran with easy links to the whole of S.Wales and the West Country.

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Dog Cremation Costs

Small dogs

less than 10kg


Medium dogs

10kg to 20kg


Large dogs

20kg to 34kg


Collection Fee

Note: All collections of pets from the vet practice or home address are subject to a collection fee; this collection fee is based on distance and time and includes hand delivery of the ashes back to your registered vets or your home. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your pet directly to us for no extra fee. 

More About Our Services

With our peaceful Reception Area, there is the option to bring your dog to us directly and to say your final farewells in privacy. 

As all aspects of our dog cremation services are carried out on-site here in Cwmbran, we guarantee a dignified and personal approach when caring for your pet. After an individual cremation, we prepare your pet’s ashes into your chosen casket, urn or scatter box. Arrangements are then made for you to collect from Pets @ Rest or for us to hand-deliver your beloved friend back to your registered veterinary practice.

We are now able to offer Paw Prints and Clay Imprints of your dog’s paw before we go ahead with our cremation service – please ask a member of our team for more details.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to make any necessary arrangements. We are here to help you.

Please take some time to view our selection of caskets & urns, and for your information our current price list.

Note: All collections of pets from the vet practice or home address are subject to a collection fee; this collection fee is based on distance and time and includes hand delivery of the ashes back to your registered vets. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your pet directly to us. 

  • What do I do if my pet dies at home?
    If you pet sadly passes away at home, we suggest you place them somewhere as cool as possible, and use a towel, blanket or cardboard container as opposed to anything plastic. We do welcome pet owners to come directly to us and spend some time to say farewell in our dedicated Reception Area, we can also offer to collect from your home address or veterinary practice. During office hours (Mon to Fri 9am-5pm & Sat 10am – 12noon), please simply call us on 07773323687 to book an appointment to come direct or to request a collection from your home address or veterinary practice. We do offer an ‘Out of Hours’ Emergency Service (subject to time, distance and availability). To use this service please dial 07773323687 and follow the prompts; however, if your pet is safe at your veterinary practice, please call during our office hours to arrange a collection. If your pet passes away late a night, please keep them cool and ideally wrapped in a blanket – they will be fine to be kept at home overnight and should not deteriorate too quickly – please call us in the morning to arrange a collection or to bring your pet directly to us.
  • Can you collect my pet?
    Yes. We can collect your pet from your home or your preferred veterinary practice. There will be a collection fee applied based on the distance and journey time to and from the collection point. This collection fee is charged as we will visit your home/vet upon your request, it will be done the same/next working day and includes us hand delivering your pet’s ashes back. Other cremation companies do not necessarily charge as they may only do a weekly/fortnightly collection. Please speak to one of our advisers on 07773323687 regarding this service and we will be happy to quote you a collection fee. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your beloved pet directly to us and say your farewells in one of our beautiful Reception Area. Please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to book an appointment and get directions on how to find us.
  • How long does the whole service take?
    We will discuss your wishes and confirm any requests and costs; this can be done before collection, or if your vet has already requested us to collect we will contact you once your pet has safely arrived here at Pets @ Rest. On arrival, your pet will be laid in a chilled room, in their own space and clearly identified. Your pet’s details will be entered on to our database and a file will be created. This computerised file will hold information such as your address, contact numbers, requests and a log of any contact between yourself and our staff. [Personal details do not get shared with third parties and are not used for marketing]. Once confirmed, we will carryout any requests [such as paw prints, fur cuttings, clay prints] and then schedule your pet’s individual cremation service. After the cremation has taken place, we will carefully prepare your pet’s ashes into your chosen vessel; these will then be hand delivered back to your registered veterinary practice or available to collect from us here at Pets @ Rest. The entire process will be complete within a week, sometimes only 1-3 days. If any urns or items are out of stock we will try and let you know at the earliest convenience and endevour to complete our service as promptly as possible.
  • Can I take my pet’s ashes home the same day?
    We do offer a ‘Same Day Service’ to accommodate those owners who wish to receive a faster turnaround. This service is by appointment only, and is available Monday to Friday, at an additional fee of £50. The cremation process itself can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the breed/size of your pet. Factoring in any time needed to carryout additional requests, such as paw prints, fur cuttings or clay prints – we usually insist that you bring your pet to us no later than 11am on that day, ashes will then be ready for collection before 5pm.
  • Can I watch the cremation?
    Here at Pets @ Rest we have made the decision not to incorporate a viewing galley into our crematorium. This is for several reasons: We do not feel that watching your pet enter the cremator chamber is the lasting memory that you should have of your beloved pet. The machinery we used is operating at 850 degrees Celsius and having the public within those areas is potentially dangerous and is not covered by our Insurance certificates. We do however encourage pet owners to make use of our Reception Area; you can bring your pet directly to us and say your farewells, or we can arrange to collect from your registered veterinary practice and you can come and spend some time with your pet here. It is possible to make an appointment to view the crematorium; this is entirely dependent on staff availability and our cremation schedule
  • How do I know if it‘s my pet’s ashes?
    Pets @ Rest only offer individual cremations for domestic pets. Our individual cremations come within the scope of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC) strict Code of Practice, which requires a respectful, dignified and caring service. Your pet will be cremated alone in the cremation chamber, this chamber is meticulously cleared of all ashes after your pet’s service, guaranteeing that the ashes you receive back will be all and only those of your pet.
  • How do I make payment for the service?
    We will discuss all of the costs with you when we make the arrangements. As we are entirely independent from your registered veterinary practice, payment for our service is made directly to us here at Pets @ Rest. Costing will vary depending on where we collect your pet from, the size/weight of your pet, and ‘out of hours’ fees, the urn choice you make, and if you have any additional items such as paw print or jewellery items. The charges will be explained to you and will be itemised alongside your receipt. Please note that we do insist on full payment ahead of the cremation service; for collections and home collections we will usually insist on payment ahead of collection. At this point in time we do not offer any payment plans.
  • When can I collect my pet’s ashes?
    When we discuss your wishes we will ask if you prefer to collect your pet’s ashes from us here at Pets @ Rest, or we can hand deliver back to your registered vets free of charge*. Some people find comfort in collecting from us and taking some time in our Reception Area, others may find it more convenient to collect from the vets; whatever your decision, we will never post ashes, they are always hand delivered. If you are unable to collect from us or your vet, we can hand deliver to your home address for a fee – this is subject to someone being at home to receive the ashes during the working week between 9am and 5pm, we cannot guarantee specific days and may not be able to give you prior warning for delivery, please bear this in mind as a second trip will incur a second fee. *some veterinary practice may be much further than our usual catchment, these may be subject to a return fee.
  • How do I know what urn to choose?
    All of our urns are displayed on our website, they have dimensions and descriptions alongside them. If you do not find something suitable, please feel free to look at our supplier website (these can be found at the bottom of the urns page); we can order additional items on your behalf*, or you are welcome to have any urn posted directly to us and we can handle the safe enclosure of your pet’s ashes. Alternatively, you may already have an urn with a previous pet’s ashes in, or have sourced/made your own; we would be happy to transfer ashes into the vessel of choice while you wait. This service requires a weekday appointment – please call and speak to one of our advisers. *items that we do not stock can be ordered for you, please be aware that these may take up to a week to arrive and may incur a delivery charge.
  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    Ideally yes. We are a small family run business and in order to make each pet owner’s visit to us as peaceful and private as possible, we do ask that you try and book an appointment. If you are on route to us from your vet or home, even a call to let us know you are coming is enough – we just want to make your experience with us as smooth as possible at such a difficult time. We ask that you please keep your pet in your vehicle until a member of our team has greeted you, you will then get to spend some time in the Reception Area to say your farewells. We tend to put aside 30 mins for us to discuss your wishes and for you to say your farewells; if you wish to spend much longer please let us know so we can book you a longer appointment, otherwise you may feel more comfortable having time at home before coming to us. Please note that you do not need to book an appointment for collecting ashes from us.
  • Can I visit the crematorium?
    If you are bringing your pet directly to us, we ask that you call ahead and book an appointment, so we know to expect you and have a member of our team available to discuss your wishes. The crematorium itself is a working area and not open to the public. Viewing of this area is possible but is purely based on time/day/staff availability and by prior appointment. As we would have to carry out a tour outside of operating hours, you would not be present to view your pet’s cremation.
  • Feedback
    As always, we appreciate any feedback, both positive or constructive. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service, please put your complaint in writing to and, allowing time for the matter to be investigated, you will receive a response within 7 working days.
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