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Paw Prints & Clay Prints

Why not have an additional keepsake to add to your memories of your beloved friend…

We are now able to take a paw print from your pet*, giving you the original copy which is presented in a white card frame. This service is available from £15 per print.

Alongside our card prints we are also able to make a clay putty imprint of your pet’s paw*. Clay prints start at £35 and are air dried in a small presentation box.

*If for any reason we are unable to get either print from your pet’s paw we will inform you and refund.

PLEASE NOTE: We try our very best to gently clean the paw in order to obtain the best print possible from your pet, if we are not satisfied we will always make a second attempt (Card and Clay putty) or third attempt (Card requests only). Depending on the condition of your pet’s paw there may be loose dirt or debris, hairs etc that remain despite our best efforts to clean – please be aware to avoid any upset. We recommend putting the card print in a glass frame to avoid fading.

Our Suppliers

Please view our supplier sites for further available items, we can order these on your behalf, please call 07773323687 for help.

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